Blood, sweat and gears

The names Beau Bankson

I am a blank book in which everyone I have ever met has scribbled in.

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Heiruspecs - Heartsprings (A Tiger Dancing, 2004)

And even if our paths don’t cross
I know our wants are congruent

So pursue it incessantly
Her exceptional essence and presence
is testing my sensory, incessantly

Does destiny beckon me to set next to thee, indefinitely
"Yes," says the memories, incessantly
Then with the best of me, let it be
To quest for the recipe
To wrestle the delicate thread imbedded in the chest of she
So string-heart heads to me
Yes indeed
Let’s proceed
Sensibly, in depth, pensively, yet intensely

  • Track: Heartsprings
  • Artist: Heiruspecs
  • Album: A Tiger Dancing
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